The Yellow Emperor’s Cure by Kunal Basu – Book Preview

by Book Worm on December 11, 2011

The Yellow Emperor’s Cure – Book Preview of the new book by Kunal Basu

The Yellow Emperor's CureKunal Basu’s earlier books were all literary bestsellers and his most recent novel, The Japanese Wife, was one of the biggest success stories of 2008. That was the 1st Kunal Basu book I’d ever read and I loved that collection of 12 stories about the unexpected events of life. And when I found out that Kunal Basu is coming out with a new novel titled The Yellow Emperor’s Cure, my interest and curiosity was definitely piqued!

The Yellow Emperor’s Cure by Kunal Basu is expected to be released by the end of December, 2011. Although no release date is confirmed, my hunch (via my numerous sources) is that the launch of this book will happen sometime in the last week of December. I’m sure that all Kunal Basu fans will be eagerly awaiting the launch of this one but if I were you, I’d be a little smarter than everyone else and simply pre-order this book from Flipkart and get it for a 30% Discount! That way, you’d be among the 1st ones to receive this book as soon as it’s launched.

The below is an excerpt from the book, The Yellow Emperor’s Cure:

“Lisbon, 1898: philandering surgeon Antonio Maria, discovers his beloved father is dying of syphilis, scourge of both rich and poor. Determined to find a cure, Antonio sets sail for Peking to study under the renowned Dr Xu, in the hope that traditional Chinese medicine has the answer that eludes the West. But the Chinese master is evasive, and when Antonio encounters the alluringly independent Fumi, he finds the first love that will force him to question everything he knew before.

As he wrestles with his disbelief over ‘irrational’ Chinese views about illness, violence threatens to break out across China. The infamous Boxer rebellion separates the lovers during a siege at the Summer Palace, and Antonio must decide whether to flee or to stay on in China to solve the deep mystery of Fumi’s haunted past and discover for himself the Yellow Emperor’s cure.”

In this book, Kunal Basu, the acclaimed author of The Opium Clerk, The Miniaturist, Racists and the bestselling novel of 2008, The Japanese Wife, takes you on a fascinating journey of Portugal and China in the late 19th and early 20th century.

Where Can I Order The Yellow Emperor’s Cure From?

Buy The Yellow Emperor's Cure from FlipkartRight now, The Yellow Emperor’s Cure by Kunal Basu has not yet been released and is not available for sale at leading bookstores. However, according to the publisher and the author, the release date of The Yellow Emperor’s Cure is confirmed as the last week of December, 2011 and right now, this can be easily be pre-ordered from Flipkart. Once the book releases, I’ll be one of the 1st ones to lay my hands on it as I’ve already pre-ordered this. Ain’t I smart! (Talk about self-promotion).

The best part about pre-ordering this book from Flipkart is that I got a 30% Discount on the book and saved myself 150 rupees in the process. Oh and that too with Free Shipping! So go ahead right now and pre-order The Yellow Emperor’s Cure!

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